Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Transform Yourself into a Digital Marketer this Summer

According to Adobe, 40% of marketers want to reinvent themselves for the Digital Age only 14% know how to do it.  If you think you have room to improve in digital marketing, at +Aurora University  we can help.  As we launch our Digital Marketing and Analytics Master's of Science degree, we are focusing on creating graduates who understand principles of digital marketing management and are aware of the basic tools to not only implement digital marketing but measure the results.   The first steps in the program are staring this summer.  I am teaching Digital Marketing Management, a three credit course on Tuesday and Thursday night from July 8 to August 7th from 6:00 pm to 9:45 pm in Aurora.

search, social, email, web design

Four Foundations of Digital Marketing Form Focus of Summer Class

Learn the Four Foundations of Digital Marketing

The course will focus on the four main foundations of digital marketing.  These 'pillars' are Search, social, email and web design.  We will cover material from a new book I am writing on Digital Marketing Management for Business Experts Press and we will practice our skills with a student simulation from Stukent.  This simulation allows the students to create paid search campaigns for a company telling Tablet PCs and to create customize landing pages for the campaigns and associated email marketing programs.  My students in the day program are testing the simulation right now and it is working well.  

Learn How to Plan AND Implement Digital Marketing Programs

Students will also present a digital marketing program for a company of their choosing.  We will also cover current topics from the news, especially the Wall Street Journal Technology section.  After taking this course you will have a solid foundation for planning and implementing a Digital Marketing program.

I hope some of my readers who have been asking for years if I would teach a night course so they could take digital marketing from me will be interested.  To sign up for the course you must have an undergraduate degree.  Apply to be a student-at-large in the program at this link.  I hope to see you soon!

By Debra Zahay-Blatz.
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